Friday, February 10, 2023

Basic Drawing Skills -- February 1

JD Curce facilitated this session on Basic Drawing Skills and Techniques
He described the basic tools and pencils to use, from 8B to 6H, blending material like cotten Q-tips, floded paper towels, etc. He emphized "layering" the graphite as you progress. We then picked an object to carefully "study" before tring to draw it.

Some "take-aways:"

1. study the object you are drawing.
2. Look at the various values.
3. Look at the "shapes" you see in the object--rectangles, cylinders, cilcles, etc.
4. Start with a sketch of the basic shapes.
5. Identify the darkest, lightest and medium values.
6.Begin to layer in those values and be aware that there is very little "white" in any object.
7. Start ith the medium values, then layer in the darker ones.
8. To lighten the lighter values, use an eraser.


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